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Decarbonizing the global food system is a big step towards mitigating climate change

Agriculture alone accounts for a third of global emissions, and its impacts could increase further still.

Kenyan farmers turn to avocados in the face of a changing climate

Compared to coffee, a popular cash crop, avocado is more tolerant of variations in precipitation.

In India, air pollution is a far worse threat than Covid-19

Locals venturing outdoors in New Delhi "felt an itching or burning sensation in the eyes and throat," a newspaper reported.

Even babies consume large amounts of microplastics

In all, infants consume as many as 1.6 million polypropylene microplastic particles on average every single day.

The oceans can be saved by 2050 – if we act now

The oceans can be saved by 2050 – if we act now

Conservation could benefit from ecosystems' natural ability to rebound, but there's no time to waste.

Can India catch up on nuclear medicine?

Can India catch up on nuclear medicine?

Nuclear medicine is indispensable for public health, and some countries do it better than others.

Post-pandemic recovery plans fail to address biodiversity loss

"Only a small number of countries are addressing the biodiversity crisis in the serious manner it deserves."

Old tires can be mixed with rubble to make new roads

Some 1 billion scrap tires are produced around the world each year, but most of all those tires don't get