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Luring insects to traps can help reduce the use of insecticides

Scientists have devised a way to reduce insecticide use by luring insects to traps.

Plastic waste has skyrocketed during the pandemic, but there is hope

More and more customers in Europe are fully aware of the need for recycling and reusing.

Between a third and a half of freshwater gets ‘stolen’

"Ongoing water shortages occur on all continents, increasingly compounded by climate change."

Farming animals reduces biodiversity and threatens our health

The growing importance of livestock on the planet threatens biodiversity and puts human and animal health at risk.

The oceans can be saved by 2050 – if we act now

The oceans can be saved by 2050 – if we act now

Conservation could benefit from ecosystems' natural ability to rebound, but there's no time to waste.

Can India catch up on nuclear medicine?

Can India catch up on nuclear medicine?

Nuclear medicine is indispensable for public health, and some countries do it better than others.

Old tires can be mixed with rubble to make new roads

Some 1 billion scrap tires are produced around the world each year, but most of all those tires don't get

Tweaking cattle’s microbiome can make them emit less methane

Flatulence and burping are quite a problem in cattle. And not only as a faux pas in polite bovine society