Meet the Team

Tibor Krausz – Editor-in-chief – editorial (at)

Tibor is an experienced journalist, writer and editor who has worked for several prominent newspapers and magazines worldwide, including The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post, The National Post, The Guardian, The Jerusalem Report, The South China Morning Post, The Bangkok Post and The Sydney Morning Herald.

As a journalist, he has covered numerous environmental issues in depth with a special focus on wildlife conservation. He has written extensively about efforts to save sun bears and moon bears from the bear bile trade in Southeast Asia; reported on initiatives to rehabilitate work elephants in countries such as Laos and Thailand; and produced magazine profiles of several leading conservationists. He has also contributed chapters to books on sustainability including such topics as green housing and environmentally responsible urban development.

He writes for Sustainability Times under the penname Daniel T Cross.


Laureen Fagan – Special correspondent and community manager – laureen (at)

Laureen is a freelance journalist creating high-quality, informed content on international affairs, politics and technology. She has worked both in and out of newsrooms since 2000. She is a former paramedic with significant experience in community resilience and nonprofit community development initiatives, and maintains “a passion for action” on sustainability and climate change. She also is trained in conflict resolution and diversity, and has special interests in science and medical reporting, and culture and religion issues. Laureen received her MSJ from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in the United States, and completed additional graduate study in theology at University of Notre Dame.

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Vitaliy Soloviy – Staff writer and journalist – vitaliy (at)

Vitaliy  is an independent sustainability consultant and writer focusing on innovation, communications and strategy. Most of his work revolves around the circular economy, climate change, sustainable business transformations, behavioral change, and social innovation. He is a co-founder of Garbage 31, a stunning visual guide to the best circular economy solutions for everyday life and a co-author of a book on sustainability education for Ukrainian colleges. Vitaliy holds a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science from Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies and is currently a PhD student in Environmental and Nature Resource Economics at the Institute for Ecological Economics and Management, Ukrainian National Forestry University.


Amina Lang – Staff writer and journalist – amina (at)

Amina is an experienced professional in the sustainability field who is passionate about the transformation to an equitable and sustainable future. She has spoken on issues of sustainable energy at COP21, COP22, the UN International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development, and the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). After building her career in the green building sector in Toronto, Amina moved to Germany to lead international communications for a leading energy efficiency research institute. She holds a degree in Environmental Policy and Practice from the University of Toronto and also has significant experience in the fields of climate finance and zero waste issues.